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My name is Ramiro, I´m 20 , from La Plata, Argentina. Sunkissing the sea.


Why did you choose Blue as her name?

It really stemmed from “Baby Blue” and the line “I’ll paint the sky blue, baby blue” and I don’t know, it just always felt right, man. It’s just my favourite colour it’s just the tone of everything I felt at the time.

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Japanese Photographer FukeTransforms His Town Into a colorful wonderland by just using his camera..


Japanese photographer  transforms the world into a colorful wonderland by just using his camera.. He starts by capturing images of ordinary places around his home in Sanuki and then, as he writes on his website, he “makes his own colors with his feelings and his emotions.”

In an interview with Life Treasure Collector earlier this year, FUKE elaborates that he was inspired to take up photography in 2003 when friends would visit him and comment on the beauty of his town. It’s the kind of natural beauty that usually goes overlooked by those who see it every day

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